Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Social science fiction questions #1

So this is the start of what might be a series of questions about the future of human society—not human technology, not directly anyway. These are not prompted by anything in the news or some article I might have read.

Instead these ideas have been sitting in my skull for years. I would have put them on my own website years ago but my own website has no real audience. And talking to yourself is boring. Most of you seem like a pretty smart bunch so, I'll put these questions here. Really, I'm just asking for your thoughts in general. Nor do I plan to really participate in whatever discussions might start below—well, unless I really feel the urge to.

That said:

  • Will there ever be a point in human development where racism and racist behavior will cease to exist?
  • And what will it take to make that happen?
  • And if this is impossible, what are the specific reasons why it won't be?

Of course these questions could be easily refocused on sexism, LGBT-phobia, nationalism, xenophobia or any other prejudice and bigotry that exists in human behavior. If you want to address those specifically, feel free.


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