Over on Twitter, Ukuleledan and I have been going back and forth about sock monkeys. He likes them. I find them genuinely terrifying. So I thought I'd bring the issue to some sane people to see what they thought. Since I couldn't find any sane people, I've come to the ODeck instead! ;D

Now, I have no trouble with stuffed animals and dolls. I'm not one of those people afraid of them. But sock monkeys... my GOD are they creepy. I'm not sure what it is. Maybe their cold, dead, unfocused eyes. Maybe their rictus grin. Whatever the case, I find them to just be damned unsettling. And this is coming from someone who has named themself "eldritch".

Apparently some people find these evil tools of the devil cute? I'm thinking there might be brain washing involved and we should stop the evil sock monkey menace before they take over society. Clearly, Ukuleledan is infected and under their hideous and woolly control.

So, weigh in on this important question. Sock monkeys: adorable, cuddly stuffed animal or evil, soul-stealing hellspawn?