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Solo: A Blade Runner Story

For what’s meant to be the first look at the next Star Wars film I have to say if you hadn’t told me what this was I’d have thought it was a surprise Blade Runner spin-off given how more “out there” it looks compared to the more typical feel of a Wars film. Obviously that could be incredibly exciting and amazing but could also be so far gone it doesn’t turn out so well.

So far I’m still wary of this project as, while we’re getting a full trailer tomorrow, for a film being released in only three months we’ve seen so little outside the stories of a troubled production and sadly those tend to lead to a diminished product.


On the other hand though it was the troubled production that made Apocalypse Now a true classic.

Guess we’ll get a better read on it tomorrow but so far there hasn’t been a bad trailer for a Wars film, even Attack of the Clones (which is the worst of them all).

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