Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Even people like me, who are bitter and Jewish!

1. “California Christmastime” by Rachel Bloom and cast of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

This is from the Christmas episode of the awesome, amazing new series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. I would say that I love this song a bit too much, because it pretty much perfectly describes California (and it’s crippling drought), but that’s not possible. So enjoy!


2. “Another Christmas Song” by Stephen Colbert

This one is from Stephen Colbert’s Colbert Report’s Christmas Special, The Greatest Gift of All. Because of commercialism!

3. “A Christmas Carol” by Tom Lehrer

Tom Lehrer was a brilliant genius who wrote brilliant genius songs, including this one about Christmas. “It doesn’t matter how sincere it is or how heartfelt the spirit. Sentiment will not endear it, what’s important is the price!”


4. “A Patrick Swayze Christmas” by Joel Hodgson and the Bots

Mystery Science Theatre 3000 just wants you to open your heart and let the Patrick Swayze in.


5. “Teach Me How to Understand Christmas” by Alison Brie

This song from Community’s third season Christmas episode is a great song and not just because of Alison Brie’s outfit. I just...I’m going to watch it again. I...what was I talking about?


6. “The Carol of the Old Ones” by the Arkham Carolers

Because it’s not Christmas without some Lovecraftian monstrosity entering the house through the chimney!


7. “Chanukah Honey” by Rachel Bloom

Okay, slightly cheating, because this one is about Hannukah (Chanukah? Hanukah?) and not Christmas. But it’s still to the tune of “Santa Baby,” so who cares?


So there go you. What other Christmas songs do you enjoy?

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