First, spoilers for Age of Ultron. Spoilers for Agents of Shield. Also spoilers for Infinity Wars.... maybe. (It is kind of hard to be sure for a movie that hasn’t started filming yet.)

This random article popped up in my Google news-feed and claims to have fore-knowledge about a particular character’s dramatic return to the living (no not that wonderful Son of Coul)

In this case I mean Quicksilver. The linked article claims that he will be brought back by use of the Terrigen Mists. Here is the link:

I guess take this with a major grain of salt. While possible, it seems pretty silly. Considering how many other players they already have, it is hard to believe they would devote large sections of screen time to resurrecting a character who died an heroic death.

Also, while the Terrigen Mists have been introduced on Agents of Shield, they have not been shown to have any sort of “resurrection” effect on anyone. The closest I can think of is Skye’s mother, but that was her power and it wasn’t exposure to the mists that saved her but rather the power she gained from them.


But, I suppose anything is possible. It’s possible we will see more Pietro in Infinity Wars, but it seems more likely that we would not.