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Some First Impressions

So here's some first impressions of Kinja 1.0.

I like the overall look of the NeO-Deck, but I think it needs some more color. Give me some purple! I like the new logo for the NeO-Deck. Giving us more tools to write posts with is a good idea, and I like how you can have more than one image/video per post now. 

Plus, tags are always wonderful, even if they aren't of the hashed variety.  I really like the WYSIWYG comment editor so far, though admittedly I haven't toyed around with it to it's fullest yet.


On the other hand, it doesn't seem to be very good at conveying some pretty key information. I'm not sure if I'm just missing it, or if it really isn't there (I'm using Chrome, for the record), but is there no way to tell if a reply has further replies to it without clicking on it to expand the conversation? That seems like a significant oversight, and it means that actually having a conversation on NeO-Deck takes even more clicking! Similarly, while it's very nice to have a facebook-ey "like" button for posts, other than sending the author a notification that someone liked the post, I'm not sure where that information is being presented. There's just not much of a point to liking a post if it's not going to tell anyone that it is.

Also, and this is a super nitpicky complaint, I notice that when I hover over a "comment" window, my scroll bar disappears, shifting the entire screen to the right by half an inch, then the scroll bar reappears when I take my cursor off the window. Like I said, it's super nitpicky, but if I move my cursor too much, it gets super distracting.

 Edit: And of course I mention that I like how you can upload more than one picture to a post now, and only one successfully uploads when I hit submit. Make of that what you will.

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