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Some MAJOR casting news for Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary has been announced!

Guys I've even broken out a River Song picture because sweeties, these are some SPOILERS! If you want to remain spoiler free (it might be hard to though, I understand), don't click beyond the cut. Everyone else? Follow me...

John Merrick. Winston Smith. Quentin Crisp. Caligula. Kane. Control. Mr. Ollivander. One of the most legendary British actors is coming to Doctor Who - John Hurt!


But you know, maybe you're not excited about Doctor Who bagging one of the most amazing actors of the past half-century (if so, what is wrong with you!?). Sure. But wait, don't close that tab just yet! What would tempt you? Perhaps...

... A previous Doctor?

Not enough you say?

... What about one of his companions too?

Undoubtedly, this pair are responsible for catapulting Post-2005 Doctor Who into the hearts and minds of a nation, making a what was an outstanding success into a national phenomena once more. Many didn't want him to go, nor her. Perhaps, to the general public, these two are still the Doctor and companion.


The Tenth Doctor and Rose are back.

The details leaked early this morning, as subscriber copies for Doctor Who Magazine's next issue (due out Thursday April 4th) arrived early, which the BBC have now confirmed. The rest of the cast of the Special is a closely guarded secret, with filming due to start soon. The press release is as follows:

David Tennant and Billie Piper to return for blockbuster celebrations with John Hurt also confirmed

The BBC has today revealed some of the all-star cast that will mark the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. David Tennant and Billie Piper will join current Doctor and companion, Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman, while John Hurt (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Alien, Harry Potter) will also co-star.

Last seen as the Doctor on January 1st 2010, this will be the first time Tennant has reprised his role as the Tenth Doctor. During his reign as the Time Lord, Tennant appeared in three series as well as several specials. He was first revealed as the Doctor in the 2005 series finale, ‘The Parting of the Ways’.

Meanwhile Billie Piper, who played companion Rose Tyler for two series following the reboot in 2005, will appear in the show for the first time since featuring in Tennant’s last episode, ‘The End of Time’ in 2010.

Also confirmed to join the cast is John Hurt who will also co-star in the 3D anniversary special that will form part of blockbuster celebrations, set to take over the BBC. Produced by BBC Cymru Wales for BBC One, the 50th anniversary will be written by Steven Moffat and Directed by Nick Hurran.

Filming for the 50th anniversary starts this week. Meanwhile a brand new series starts on BBC ONE today (30 March) at 6:15pm for a run of eight epic episodes, which officially introduces the Doctor’s newest companion, Clara Oswald, played by Jenna-Louise Coleman.

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