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Some Needless Arrowverse Speculation

So the final part of the three-part “Elseworlds” crossover aired today. Over the course of The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl, we have gotten a lot of Easter eggs, a pretty awesome Batwoman, and now a teaser for something much bigger on the horizon.


Are you ready? Are you? Because guess what?

Yes, that’s right: next year’s annual crossover (in “Fall 2019") will be an adaptation of Crisis on Infinite Earths. A storyline that has been teased ever since the very first season of The Flash:


Now, “Elseworlds” teased this crossover by having Mar Novu, the Monitor, testing world after world, looking for one where the heroes were strong enough to survive a crisis and defeat whatever is coming (presumably the Anti-Monitor).

And in the last episode of “Elseworlds,” Oliver Queen told him that Barry and Kara were the people he was looking for and that killing them wouldn’t be in his best interest, but the Monitor said that Destiny needs balance. So Oliver must have made a bargain with him somehow.


So here’s where the needless speculation comes in:

Arrow hasn’t really been the same since the end of Season 5. Season 5 seemed like it should have been the series finale, but it wasn’t. Season 6 was...meh. Season 7, so far, has gotten much, much better and made the characters a lot more likable with a much more interesting plotline of Oliver in jail and a new Green Arrow. A Green Arrow that, the episode prior to “Elseworlds,” was revealed to be Oliver’s secret half-sister, Emiko Queen.


Next season will be Season 8. Eight seasons seems like quite a lot, especially for Stephen Amell, who was doing a lot of the stunts in the show in the early years and is still heavily involved in a lot of the fights. It takes up a lot of time. So I’m willing to bet that Oliver Queen traded his own life during the Crisis for Barry and Kara’s lives.

The Crisis, I hope, won’t just be three or four episodes. I’m hoping that the Crisis will be a six-episode mini-series, bringing up everyone from the Legends to Constantine to the Flash of Earth-90 to Jay Garrick and even the JSA themselves. But it will end with Barry and Kara willing to make the final sacrifice, but Oliver takes it instead, having made the deal with the Monitor.


And Arrow goes on without him. After all, they have another Green Arrow, Emiko. Who will take Oliver’s place and fight, presumably in memory of her father and her brother.

Meanwhile, the Crisis will also involve the merging of two universes — Earth-1 and Earth-38. This will probably be in order to save everyone in both universes and will result in a newly merged Earth-1, with both the Flash and Supergirl. Which will also mean that we can have awesome Supergirl/Batwoman crossovers happen.


Okay, that’s about it for my needless speculation. What about you guys?

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