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"Some of us want peace . . ." How TSCC Could Have Ended

Unsubstantiated rumors, spoilers, and speculation ahoy! Seriously.

On the heels of today's spoilerific Genisys trailer, we now have a (possibly) mind-controlled, (possibly) evil John Connor working in league with or for Skynet. As I've said elsewhere, I'm mostly okay with this, if it's handled well.


But there was another timeline where things got all screwy for John.

Littered throughout season 2 of TSCC were little asides indicating not all was together in the house of Skynet.

In addition to this scene, we had the reveal later in the season that Shirley Manson's T-1001 was also operating outside the influence of Skynet. Through the season she was developing an AI that, despite initially being assumed to be the origin of Skynet, turned out to be something else, something entirely new.

John Henry was raised to be close to the T-1001's "daughter," Savannah Weaver, thus giving him a connection to humanity in his formative years. The season developed this relationship, showing his genuine panic when a terminator arrived at her home and put her in jeopardy. The season (and sadly, series) ended with John Henry headed in to the future for unknown purposes.

John Connor followed him, and subsequently arrived in a timeline where he went missing circa 2009 and never rose to be the leader of the resistance.


Like any good fan, I was disappointed with the cliffhanger ending of the series. And, twisting the knife, showrunner Josh Friedman vowed to never reveal how it would have ended.


Your mileage may vary on the next part. In the comments section of the linked article (I know, not-at-all a reliable source) one poster claimed to have had an interaction on a Terminator IMDB forum with an alleged writer for a 4-season Terminator series. The gist? After John's disappearance into the future, Sarah Connor would team up with the detective in pursuit of her and work to stop Judgment Day from transpiring. Meanwhile, John would encounter a dying Sarah in the future, struggling with cancer, as he was learning from the resistance how to fight. The big twist in this timeline was going to be a truce brought about by John and the "good" machines he encountered on his way, established over time by the relationships between John and the terminator Cameron, and John Henry and Savannah Weaver. This would have involved John Henry "going public" on the news, and pit John and Sarah against one another, with John being pro-peace with the machines, and Sarah maintaining her dedication to their destruction.

As I said, all speculation and hearsay, but I think it makes sense with the direction the series was taking while on the air. Personally, I had issues with the line, "Some of us want peace" when it initially aired, but now, after the entire series run, and with the interdependence needed for the very existence Connor and Skynet, I think this would have been a fitting end for a show that asked some very hard questions and laid some phenomenal groundwork.


Is it too much to hope that Genisys picks up the ball from where TSCC left it, and brings us another quality entry in the franchise that doesn't shy away from complicated and difficult (and quality) ideas?

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