Because I was thinking about it, because of an article on Kitchenette.

Anyway, while I don't often go out of my way to get the non-GMO health store stuff, I do think I should be able to look at a label and see if it is GMO or non-GMO. I think it is odd that it isn't a thing already, and that someone would vote against having this, unless someone is really being pressured by someone else who might lose money from it.

I don't know that most GMOs are bad for you, but on the other hand, Monsanto probably is the anti-Christ and all of that. It's just a bit too weird for me, that someone makes a product that basically kills plants, and then basically makes another product that is a plant but is somehow not like a plant enough that it doesn't get killed by the other product that basically has the job of killing plants.

And I'm not a science experiment and all of that. I just don't want to waste my weekend carrying around signs that say so. I just want someone to clearly put stuff on labels.


I'm from Texas. In the good old days before GMOs, we must have had plenty of experiments with just regular selective breeding that didn't go as planned, and there's probably a bunch that I never heard about, because right away someone killed it with fire, and that was the end of it. But a few escaped from labs, so now we have Johnson grass and killer bees. So I'm not sure we really know what we're doing yet with that, much less with GMOs.

I wonder if right now there's someone in a lab somewhere making Triffids. Possible that someone doesn't even know what I'm talking about.


Not that I wouldn't really like a Triffid or two (clipped ones, of course) in my backyard, I just don't want anyone else to have one.

But I suppose this sort of thing is coming, whether or not it's a good idea or anyone really wants the stuff.

So while the scientists are at work at stuff that might eventually not be good for us (since I'm assuming this is being done anyway) I'd like to request that they work on asparagus.


If you are not into gardening and don't know, asparagus is this cool thing that takes a bit of work to get going, and then three years later you magically have food just appear in your backyard. It isn't my favorite food, and it isn't very pretty, but it just pops out of the ground and you cut pieces of it for up to about two months at a time, and then you leave it alone for the rest of the year and it just grows into this big green mass that eventually dies back in the winter and then the next spring you get to eat it again. Most of the year you don't even have to weed the area, and most bugs don't eat it so no pesticides or anything like that.

So asparagus is really great stuff, and if I were a mad scientist type, I would play with this stuff. Maybe to start with, we could just have mostly regular asparagus that we would harvest at a different time of year. But then I would also like to see different flavors of asparagus. We could have broccoli flavor to start with, cause that isn't too different. And then we could have tomato flavor or pepper flavor, maybe cilantro flavor, carrot flavor, squash flavor, and then eventually we could have like pear flavor and strawberry flavor.


Wouldn't that be cool, strawberry flavored asparagus? Pesticide free strawberry flavored natural stuff that just magically appears in your backyard three years after you do the major gardening work, and you get to eat it before the birds find it.

Not that it's really a good idea, but if we're going to do weird stuff to the food anyway, I vote for this.