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Some Wesen Run An Insanity Scam For Money on Grimm: Cry Lusion

On Friday's Grimm, Nick is still deciding if he wants his powers back, Adalind is still trying to escape the royal family dungeon, Trubel continues dealing with being the only Grimm in town, and Nick and Hank need help on a case involving wesen. Spoilers after the break.

The main story, as far as I'm concerned, has to do with Nick getting his powers back. We pick up where last week ended, with Monroe and Rosalee showing up with Elizabeth (Captain Renard's mom) to explain she's figured out the potion Adalind used, and recreated it but the last part requires Juliet.


As many may have guessed (including me, so it probably wasn't that difficult to predict), the way restore Nick's powers is for him to sleep with Juliet after she uses the potion to make herself look like Adalind. Nick is all onboard with the first part of that cure but doesn't want to put Juliet through that or to have sex with someone who looks like a woman who tried to kill him. Elizabeth's helpful suggestion is to turn out the lights.

Three other things happen that make it clear Nick needs to either be a Grimm or pack up and get the hell out of Portland. One is when Bud shows up and asks to talk to Trubel about some wesen bullying at his sons's school. Except that was a cover, and when Nick leaves he confesses that he told a couple people about Nick not being a Grimm anymore and they told some people and it got to someone who wants some payback. So Trubel goes with Bud to deal with it, and stops short of cutting his head off as he cryingly promises not to do or say a thing.

Trubel, being smart, realizes this won't be the end of it, and also regrets not killing the guy.


The second thing is Nick getting a call from Josh Porter, who is the son of a Grimm but not one himself. His dad passed away, and he returns home with his ashes only to find the place ransacked and the wesen who did it still there and now after him. Instead of driving off in his car though, he apprently decided to run on foot. He calls Nick, a couple times, and is advised to get someplace safe. He mentions not knowing who or what the people after him are, since he's not a Grimm, but it sure would help if he was, hint hint.

Thirdly, Monroe and Rosalee, while hosting dinner and wine at their house receive the wesen equivalent of a burning cross on their lawn. This was just after Nick had told Monroe he liked being a Grimm and wants his powers back, but also doesn't want to deny Juliet the chance to have a normal life. But Juliet also doesn't like her friends being threatened and tells Nick she's ready to help him get his powers back. About time.


Here's what else happened.

Nick and Hank get called in on a case after a woman, who keeps seeing a Wolf in a fancy suit (pictured up top), gets in her car and accidentally kills a cyclist before running into a wall. It seems like she's insane because even though what she's seeing isn't unusual on Grimm, he appears to be everywhere, behind her, in front of her, in her car, etc. And it was after her husband had her take her pills.


Rather than ask Trubel for help again, this time Nick asks Monroe, who sneaks into the house while the husband is at court for his wife's sanity hearing.


Turns out the husband is a South American version of the Blutbad, and he's not working alone, he's got identical brothers, all part of a litter. And they're trying to drive his wife insane so he'll be declared legally in charge of her vast fortune. But Monroe helps Nick and Hank apprehend them, and they plant some masks to explain why the woman saw what she saw. All are arrested, woman is assured she isn't crazy, and it all works out.

Captain Renard talks to Nick and confirms that Trubel is a Grimm but assures him after she save his life, he's in her debt but he's going to have to talk to Sgt. Wu who is close to figuring out she's probably killed some people. He also thanks his mom for bringing him back to life, and she warns him she can't do that again. And he's moved into a new place, that's more secure, even though the place he was shot at wasn't his home but Nick's, so maybe he's the one who should beef up security at home. He also lets Elizabeth know that his daughter is with Kelly Burkhart, Nick's Grimm mother.


And Adalind continues to run through the castle after escaping the dungeon and not listen to the guy who helped her escape and talk to everyone who says they can help her find her baby. Eventually she's tricked into picking up a pig that at first looks like her baby (seriously), and then falling down a trap and ending up back in the dungeon where it seems like she was the whole time and all that other stuff was just in her head.


And then she tells Viktor she'll do whatever he wants, and he says they both want the same thing, to find her daughter.


It looks like Nick getting his powers back will be the mid-season closer, which means there'll probably be a twist of some kind. Hopefully nothing as bad as Juliet losing her memory for half a season.


Hopefully Nick gets his powers back with something extra, similar to how Adalind seems more powerful after losing and gaining back her powers. But also more easily tricked, apparently.

I think I want to see Wu figure it out on his own and then Nick and Hank having to admit to it, to play on his being a good cop. Maybe he can even make detective.


Glad the show hasn't forgotten about the whole thing with the keys.

Elizabeth says she's going to go look for her grand daughter. So let's get a backdoor test pilot for that "A Grimm, a hexenbeast, and a baby" spin-off. C'mon, show!

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