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Sometime Now Open Thread - Do the Robot Edition

I’m assuming that either we’ve all become Fallout widows or the zombie apocalypse has consumed the bulk of the Deckers we all know and love because this place is quieter than a morgue on Halloween, so let’s have a nice chat about absolutely nothing and everything, all at the same time!

Since most people who post open threads (I honestly have no idea if there is a pecking order to these things, but since there is so little activity on the Deck lately, I guess it doesn’t matter right now) ask a question, I’ll toss one at you too:

What robot/android/non-human mechanical construct do you think is kind of attractive?


I’ll go with Red Tornado on this. Seriously, whoever built this guy knew how to sculpt artificial materials!

OK, your turn. What shapely system of tubes and circuits would you like to dream of electric sheep next to?

Or, talk about anything else you want.

EDIT: Courtesy of The Homework Ogre, via Twitter, here is some information on the upcoming changes to Gawker media:


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