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Sometimes I can't help but wonder "Why the hype?"

Earlier today, I went out to my local comic book shop and splurged a bit. I got Locke & Key Vol. 1-3, Saga Vol. 1, and Starman Omnibus #1&2. All comics I've heard absolutely nothing but good things about from almost every source I can find.

I read through Locke & Key and loved it, and am currently kicking myself for not getting the 4th volume as well.


Before going to bed, I decided to start in on Starman. 2 chapters in and honestly I can't help but feel a little disappointed. Don't get me wrong the art and writing are great, but the story (so far) is just really, really generic.

It's the same old "Disappointing son has to take up the father's mantel" story I've seen dozens of times before. The son is a complete loser and the father does nothing but berate him for not being a hero like his brother.

The fact that I want to just throttle a main character minutes after his introduction is not a good sign. I hate characters like Jack's father. Mostly because more often then not they're asshats for no reason, even after the main character has proven themselves. I'm sure it'll be the same here. "Oh, you saved the city. Well whoopdee-f***ing do f*** up. You're brother and I could have done it better. Why couldn't you have died instead."

And then our main character just takes it. I don't know, as an only child I don't know what it's like being in a siblings shadow, but I just can't imagine just taking that kind of shit, even from my father.


Then again, maybe I'm not giving it the chance it deserves. Hell, I'm sure I'm not. Just because it's a fairly common story doesn't mean I don't like it. I do like Jack, I like his costume, I like the art, I like how well written it is (except for Jack's constant broken speech/thoughs, that gets a little annoying after a while). Maybe once it gets past the "Origin" part it'll blow me away and be everything everyone tells me or maybe the Origin part will be totally different from what I'm expecting. I really hope I'm just overreacting.

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