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I'm watching Executive Decision for the first time since it was in theaters, and it reminded me how important the smallest detail can be in a trailer.

The first trailer I saw in the theatre* simply showed an F-117 Stealth fighter flying up to the underside of a 747 and latching on...


This triggered my Extreme Bullshit™ alarm: "Ummm, sorry, NO! A big aircraft like the 747 has all kinds of wake turbulence spillin' off of it! That little fighter would go tumbling before it even got close!"

So, the movie came out, and I ignored it for a couple of weeks. Then I saw a commercial for it on TV that included a 2-second shot of the Remora pilot's HUD, showing the green vector graphics of the swirling vortex from the 747...


"Okay! So they covered that! I can go see this movie now!"

Man, that sequence was so well done!

* I think it ran before Broken Arrow at Grauman's Chinese.

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