I get to be a Bond villain DJ (as if there ever was one?) at the Philadelphia Museum of Art tonight! (I'm DJ John Burke, in case you were wondering...)

If anybody is around, come by (Wednesdays are 'Pay What You Wish' nights, so you can get in cheap) and come find us in the Alter Gallery! 7:00-8:15 pm!

More info: http://www.drsketchy.com/branch/philly

Of course, you will probably not even notice me, as there will be two stunning Bond girls modelling, and our host is equally stunning (and just an awesome woman overall)


Hope to see some io9-ers there!

(PS: we're doing a James Bond one in July at Arch Enemy Arts in Olde City Philly, and there is a Walking Dead one coming up sometime in the fall)


(PS..P?: Because somebody asked... NO, I do not get paid for this gig. I stand to gain nothing from posting about this except a bigger audience for the event itself, in a super-cool location... sheesh, Internet, are you THAT jaded?)