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And not from SDCC!

Those of us who can't afford the fancy-pants cons like SDCC do our on thing: names Dr Sketchy's Philly's session "It's Bigger on the Inside": A DOCTOR WHO SESSION!


As I mentioned before, I DJ these things, and am challenged (As a regular crew member of these events) to 'dress the part'. But last night, I was already set to be DJ Brigadier! Hee hee...

Only two photos have cropped up so far: the one above (a nice shot of local Philly Tom Baker-era Doctor keep The Brigadier from shooting something), and then... this...

Don't ask.

And before anybody says anything about authenticity: yes, I've taken a few liberties with the Brigadier costume for the moment until accurate embellishment pieces become available (aka, until eBay sellers stop trying to charge $30.00 for a friggin' sew-on patch!)

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