And by toy I mean Google Glass! I should add, I did not go out and get this. I'm crazy, but not that crazy.

My boss, however, is.

Or better said, "Poor people are 'crazy', Jack. Rich people are 'eccentric'."

So I will have it from today until Monday whenever he comes in and I have to teach him how to use it.

If anyone has any questions or whatnot, I'll be happy to eventually answer them.

Keep in mind I'm barely starting to play with this and I wear glasses normally. So I've got it sitting on my face over my regular glasses, which is awkward to say the least. My brain keeps going, "Hey, I think we're drunk."

First thoughts/impressions though are as follows.

It's not heavy. It doesn't feel uncomfortable or awkward while being worn. Although I can't help but want to close my left eye as I wear it. Definitely need to get used to it sitting on my face/head.


I've taken a few pictures. Only of my office though. I also shot them out pretty easily to a few friends on Hangouts. Along with the message saying "Sent from Glass, sucker!" It doesn't add that automatically, before anyone ask. I added that vocally. If only because the people I sent that too are also tech geeks like myself, so right now they're kinda jealous I've got my hands on Glass and I'm already being hit with questions asking about the device, how it feels and what it can do and all that good stuff that fellow tech geeks would naturally want to know.

I have also sent a few messages, which sent surprisingly quick. I also accidentally sent a few that consisted of "shit shit don't send". Received a few replies which I viewed on the device.

The display is surprisingly sharp. Like wow. Everything is clearly visible and the colors and all that are perfect.


There's also a "touchpad" like area on the device itself. So if you can't get the hang of the voice commands or head movements, you can just swipe around on that to do what you want to. I'm actually using a mixture of voice commands and the touchpad.

So yeah, neat device overall. Getting used to it is going to prove to be the challenge.

Oh and for the record, I'm not a Glasshole. If you start off any questions or comments with that and mean it in a non-joking way (and I know enough people on here to know who would be joking and who might not be) then I seriously won't bother responding to you. Well, I might insult you, but if you go straight for a diss without knowing me or even wanting to approach this post in a respectful and reasonable way then you've only yourself to blame for being on the receiving end of that.




Updated with pics!

You can see the touchpad (which is the white part of the device), tapping selects a given command and swiping on it works to change menus or move to another command.


You'll also note two buttons on the inside of the device. The white circle is the one that powers on and off the device. Not sure what the "Glass" one does, I've pushed it and haven't noted anything happening. I was, however, inebriated last night when playing with this and for all I know it may have turned off my TV and I just didn't notice. But as far as I could tell nothing happened. It's not a "invade privacy" button for sure. (That only happens when users direct it and only when not in public, as privacy expectations drop significantly, according to the law, in public.)

Of note is the 40 minute recording time/battery killer feature. I charged it to full and just sat reading in the evening and sure enough, the battery died in just under 40 minutes. I deleted that recording, but for people who wonder how long it can record video for, well, there you have it. Otherwise the battery last significantly longer.

The device in and of itself is basically non-functional when not connected to your smartphone. It doesn't work without a data connection, so if your phone isn't tethered to it at any given moment it's basically a paperweight on your face.


Beyond that, expect an update later on the light coming on when you take a picture or record. Since I wasn't around anyone in the afternoon/evening I couldn't really test that. I mean sure I could find a mirror and do the whole selfie thing, but 1. I'm a guy and 2. I'm not a lame guy (at least not that kind of lame guy).

For those wondering what reaction to the device was, from non-tech geeks it was basically, "Oh, what the heck is that?" "Google Glass." "Oh, really? That's freaking sweet! Let me see it!" Got that from numerous coworkers (some of whom are old enough to still consider computers to be "Satan in a box") and friends. (The friends saw the box in my truck and promptly set about getting the device out. But no fear or hostility was encountered in regards to the device. Just tons of curiosity. Along with, "Where the hell did you get $1,500 to buy that? Did you rob somebody?" At which point I had to explain just how awesome my job is.