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Sorry. Can't stop smiling.....

I boldly went were few people have gone so far, thanks to Germany having a priviledged release date - Don'T ask me why, I have no idea.... and it was glorious! This post is spoiler free. I'll write another one full of spoilers afterwards.

Yes, it is an action packed spectacle - that's what they hired him for... Yes it has some flaws even enough some of those are really pinnacles of the series by now - someone behind me complained about the Enterprise being the only ship in the sector. Duh. ;)


Beyond the action, it is a really worthy Star Trek member. It asks classical Trek questions of research vs. military organization. Of forgiveness and logic vs. revenge and emotion. (On both sides of the fight.)

Kirk's premature promotion at the end of the last movie actually has consequences. To be fair, they are very much forgotten again after Cumberbatch strikes hard, but - even that kinda makes sense in the context of the whole thing - and before the end of the movie we actually feel Kirk has matured and is much more worthy to commandeer the 5 year mission than he was at the end of the last one. Character arc! How about that!

Plus the action and the visuals are stunning - and I think JJ toned down the lens flares a little bit... I haven't seen it in 3D - the trailer I saw in 3D made the lens flares hard to bear, but in flat, they were acceptable.

And Cumberbatch rocks he ship. But you were expecting that, weren't you?

I find it better than the last one. Go watch it. Why haven't you watched it set? Oh. right... sorry;)

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