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Sorry for the delay, Bat-fans. Started a new job and just plum forgot that Gotham was on last night. So, without further ado, here are my thoughts as I watch, posted right after I have them:

  • Ben Edlund episode. Blow me away, Ben. Give me a Capt. Mucilage or a Son of Sam/Shaggy & Scooby mashup.
  • A-hawhawhawhaw! The Spirit of the Goat looks like Faust: Love of the Damned!
  • Hey, Bullock's partner Dix is that guy from that thing.
  • They are suddenly in the Fringe opera house.
  • The victims are named Lawson, Tremont, & Talbot. Those are either Twin Peaks or Kindred: the Embrace characters
  • Wow, didn't True Detective start with the victim strung up the same way on a bridge? Is Bullock going to start babbling about flat time discs and succumb to the King in Yellow?
  • Oh god, another Nygma riddle. Shut the fuck up.
  • Gordon, just goddam tell Barbara what's up. It's not like you're at work this time. And it's been, like, two weeks.
  • With the promise to tell her later, Barb is now marked for death.
  • Monty? That's a horrible nickname for Montoya.
  • Miss Kringle. Cute. Maybe it's just the green sweater and Peter Pan collar, but she looks a little like Jingle Belle. But she suffers from Hollywood Nerd syndrome.
  • You are such an ass, Nygma.
  • Yay! Ozzie!
  • Yay! Ozzie's obviously Burton-inspired mom!
  • "Hussy's Demon-Purse"? That's... like the best euphemism for vagina I've heard in a while.
  • Only the original Goat knows about the penny in the incision? If he's still alive the new killer is Dix. I'm calling it now.
  • Nice lighting in GCPD today.
  • Get a load of anchor Lacy White's giant mall hair. Did she just transfer from Tampa? That quick shot of her is prime Tick humor right there.
  • Obligatory Bruce-chan check up. If this is the only scene with him, this will be my new favorite episode.
  • Yup, the killer is Dix.
  • Daw, Bullock has a sweet side. He sends dirty magazines to his ex-partner. I bet it's not the classy kind like Playboy or Penthouse.
  • I gotta say one thing, Gotham sure knows how to choose its interior locations.
  • Commercial Break!

  • Ugh. No more Riddler, please. I just want to slap that "?" mug out of his hand.
  • Sleeping Bruce-chan still counts. Last episode remains my favorite... for now.
  • Selina shows up for no reason in particular again.
  • Bath time with Ozzie and his mother. A boy's best friend is his mother.
  • Also, I want that bathroom!
  • I'm noticing that Bullock looks way too clean this episode. Where is the scruff and the grease?
  • Interesting killer reveal.
  • "Heel, Mr. Hastings. Heel." Lol, Bullock.
  • Oh no, Gordon's in trouble. And Bullock, too.
  • Penguin to the rescue!
  • No Fish Mooney earrings for me to covet this week. I'm disappointed.
  • Not bad, Ben Edlund. Loved Ozzie's mom and the hypnotist lady, but you spoiled it with the excessive Nygma-being-an- awkward-douche scenes.
  • Next Week: All Penguin, all the time. ...With a little bit of a parkour bald guy named Victor who I'm really hoping is not Dr. Victor Fries.

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