In last night's Face Off the contestants are tasked to design creatures based on sound effects. Who hears the sweet sound of success and who hears the cacophonous din of failure? Results ahead.

The episode starts with a Foundation Challenge. This time it's a make-up relay where one team member at a time works on a model behind a partition and each team member builds on what was done previously. The judge for the challenge is Jill Wagner, who I know mainly from Stargate: Atlantis and the movie Splinter. Adam wins the challenge and immunity for the Spotlight Challenge.

Then it's off to Fox Studios where the contestants break up into six teams of two. Each team gets a sound effect to base their designs from.

Rayce has a commitment with a client so another former contestant RJ Haddy takes over his coaching duties this week. This week Michael Westmore didn't stop by so the coaches' input is that much more important. During the judging the coaches also get an opportunity to speak on behalf of their team members in the bottom looks.


Julian and Ben have a lot of trouble deciding on a concept but eventually come up with a demon executioner who is one of the top looks.


My favorite is the life-sized doll of Stephanie and Kelly. The judges agreed and Stephanie wins the challenge for her work including the prop photograph the doll is holding.

As sometimes happens the contestant with immunity ends up in the bottom looks which usually ends badly for their teammate. Adam's teammate Regina ends up going home.


You can see galleries of this week's designs, past works of the champions and previous seasons here.