Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks


Folks may already know about this, or this may have been mentioned elsewhere and I missed it, but was flipping channels today and came across a commercial for a tv series called South of Hell from Jason Blum and Eli Roth. I had not heard anything about it, but based on both the commercial and looking it up it appears to be a seven or eight episode series, set in Charleston, about an exorcist for hire named Maria Abascal who hunts demons. The twist is that she not only has to track down and exorcise demons but also has to battle the demon that she carries within, a demon that devours all the demons Maria exorcises.

The series, which stars Mina Suvari, is set to air on WEtv starting Friday at 6 PM EST. Part of what caught my eye, other than the names attached, was the fact that they are debuting and airing (or burning up) all the episodes in one go as a marathon tomorrow. Anyway, just mentioning it in case other folks might be interested.

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