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South Park: The Stick of Truth!

Installed and officially started! Or not! Because I totally wouldn't do that on company time when I have absolutely nothing to do as the IT guy. ; )

The intro is certainly awesome to say the least.

Here's my avatar/character. Looks just like me, at least how I'm dressed right now. The hair, glasses and look are spot on though!


I'll update later with some thoughts on the game itself as I progress through it. I actually have some stuff I have to take care of right now, so I had to stop playing.

Check a computer at another off site office location and then go to that Office Manger's house and check the computer there. She's already making claims that files aren't working and Outlook isn't either and that the internet is down.


We're finally rid of the bitch and she is still making life difficult for all of us. (She claimed a coworker who has Lupus was, I shit you not, actually dying and thus she needed to stay in the office to help her. My boss called said coworker into his office to ask her about that, she almost lost it when he told her what the office manager said about her. "If I'm dying, you'll be the first to know.")


Anyway, you kids take care and be jealous of my awesome new game. : P It's the first one I've bought and am playing in what has to be years that wasn't for my smartphone/tablet. Thus far it's living up to the hype, but I've only got about 5 minutes of game time in so far. (Not much to base it on I know, but the opening scene was classic South Park and definitely classic Cartman.)

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