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Space Engineer Log #249

When i signed on, I was all ready to start building things. Satellites, stations, refineries... Turns out, I should have read my 'contract' more closely; rookies get assigned to mining detail first. Dear lord; mining for ore is almost enough to make me pop my helmet whilst in vacuum...

But all that's changed now! we finally got ourselves a decent supply of resources and kitted out our runabout for capture duty.


Snagged our first two ships yesterday...a fast tug and a heavy freighter. Minimal defenses, a few internal turrets we manged to disable without casualties. Crew chief had us start cutting up the big one this morning... lemme tell you, we stripped more material off that rustbucket in a morning that we dug outta that rock in a week. We had to upgrade the storage and fabber facility just to find a place to store it all!

Lets just say our time as miners is well and truly over. and thank the Universe for that!

The boss says he has big plans on the drawing board.. build ourselves a proper cruiser with real defenses. Its only a matter of time before someone with a bad attitude and a bigger ship comes out our way and we need to be ready...

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