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The trailers made it look like a comedy spoof of 70s space movies/TV, chock full of campiness and out-there humour... well... a warning to you all... it isn't any of that.

It's 1.5 hours of mind-numbing interpersonal drama. I was hit with boredom 15 mins into the flick.

Captain Patrick Wilson: A sardonic and suicidal man, who spends most of the time smoking, drinking, staring into space, zoning out, because he can't stop thinking about his fellow male officer, who left the station because of him.


Liv Tyler: New officer on the station, pretty dedicated to her job, is the most decent character but falls for a married man, and used to be a he.

Sunshine the little girl: Tropey lonely kid, no friends, no role models, horrible mom, okay dad who doesn't spend much time with her, continually on a downer because she never gets anything that makes her happy.

Sunshine's mom: Worst character in the movie, blonde, ditzy, addicted to Valium, having an affair, manipulative with Sunshine's happiness and Liv Tyler's kindness, bitchy, no redeeming qualities, outs Liv Tyler's secret to everyone because of jealousy/spite/hate/etc.

Sunshine's dad: Complements Liv Tyler's character, in that he's hard working and fairly decent, so it's no surprise he ends up with her. Other than that and his pot-smoking, his character is forgettable. He is also the reason why we get an absolutely useless nude scene. While smoking up, a fully naked blonde girl appears to him floating in space. That's it, cut to next scene.


Jerry O'Connell and his wife: Why were they even in this movie? There was zero purpose for either of them. O'Connell is the one having the affair with Sunshine's mom and has nothing to add to the story, while his wife spends most of the time drinking/smoking with her newborn in tow and talking about materialistic crap.

As for the humour... what humour? I barely giggled, hell, I didn't crack a smile once.


The little robots were the only good things in this movie, and maybe the FX, better than TV but not movie level either.

The movie is available on iTunes right now, but don't waste any money or credits on it.

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