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Sparky?! Every Random Piece of Trivia in Thor: Ragnarok (Spoilers!)

Yeah, there were a ton of comic book references in Thor: Ragnarok. What’d you find?

I wrote up my rundown of every random piece of trivia I could find in the film - I need to start getting paid for this.


Feel free to click the link to get the run down, but there’s a few things I wanted to ask about here.

Oh, and SPOILERS! 


First, what are the odds “Sparky” was a purposeful reference and not just a coincidence? It was a common nickname for Eric Masterson when he served as Thor in the early ‘90s.


Second, Skurge. What did you guys think? If you weren’t a comic fan (or were unaware of his comic history), did his story arc resonate with you? If you were a comic fan, did you feel this version of his story did it justice?


Third, the Warbound. They were called the “Revengers,” but they were basically the Warbound of Planet Hulk/World War Hulk. They were played for laughs here, but it was technically them - did it work?

As for the last two, I personally am more emotionally involved with the Thor story than the Hulk one, so I didn’t mind Miek played for laughs, but was bothered by Skruge’s downgrading.


Oh hey, and Beta Ray Bill appeared!

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