Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks


So last night, the SHIELD gang found out Skye was a spy and feelings were hurt all around, but the way they found out left me curious. They are trying to track down the most attractive hacker since Angelina Jolie and they lose him. He returns home to find Skye at his apartment. Feelings, talking, and BAM they have sex. We return to the couple later enjoying some post-coital exposition and Skye gets up to find her shirt. She opens the door and there is Agent May. Uh oh! They found her! But then we learn that Agent Coulson had May follow Skye. Here's where my question comes in. Is Agent May not that good at following people or did she wait out in the living room while they had sex? Is Agent May a watcher? Between this and her earlier exchange with Coulson regarding laying out the mats and going a few rounds, she might be shaping up as the most interesting character on this show.


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