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Oh the weather outside is frightful... And the stresses of year end and the new year are so delightful!

Now, as I said during the AMA I did over the summer, I have nearly a decade of HR experience. There are a lot of HR related issues that pop up at year’s end- insurance open enrollment, tax stuff, maybe some ethical issues, etc. So, I am here to answer any HR related questions you might have!


This AMA is specifically intended to be related to Human Resources issues, however, you can ask any questions you may have missed back in July.

Just a couple things- if you have insurance questions, I will have to ask you some personal questions. I am not trying to dox, but if you’re concerned about doxxing, we may have to take it off-line. My experience primarily lies in the Western US, so I may have to take some time to answer questions if you live East of the Mississippi. My advice is also simply that- advice. It is not meant to be legally binding.

So fire away- Ask me ANYTHING!

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