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It is a sad day for MSTies, cheeseheads, and bad movie buffs, as the rusting framework of the incredibly realistic giant spider from the low budget 1975 movie The Giant Spider Invasion has been stolen out of a field in Merrill Wisconsin (where the film was made), and sold for scrap at a local recyclers.

You can watch the local news reports and interview with the film's director, off of whose property it was stolen, here: http://www.wsaw.com/home/headlines… (you may need to turn off pop-up blocker to get the video to load)


The prop itself was little more than a glorified parade float, designed to mount on the top of a Volkswagen (with the tail lights doubling for eyes and people holding the legs out the windows), but does have the dubious honor of being voted one of the worst 25 movies ever made, hailed by Stephen King, and mocked thoroughly on MST3K.

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