Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Let me explain. Last night I was watching a small clip from Nerdist news about the 75 years of Batman, in which Jim Lee was talking about the possible legacy of future characters, and then Kevin jumps in saying "Bat-brats".
That made me think about Damien, Terry, and Huntress(cause I forgot her name) and went, "They already did". So I kept on thinking about all the allies that Batman has, and all the enemies, and I thought "If Batman was the only property that the WB owned, it could become a massive multiple movie/tv franchise and work".
Which then it let me side step my thought into what Sony is trying to do with Spider-Man, in which I did the same process of allies and villians......I got blank.

I know Spider-Man has a shit ton of villians, and allies, but I could not think of a good way to incorporate a stable and stand alone movie franchise type from the Spider-Man property alone(that means no Avengers, Heroes fro Hire, Daredevil, ect.) except for possibly three things, and not counting "events" from them. Venom and the Symbiotes, Black Cat, and the Clones(yeah, I am cheating, but it is more in terms of Ben and Kaine). Now, I am not saying that this are not the only resources that could become a movie, I am just thinking of the best possible ones that have a lesser chance to bomb with the right hands, and still give life to the main property of Spider-Man.
If a Batman property movie bombs, like if they made a live action Red Hood movie, there are other properties in that that realm that could manage to save the main property and still keep it active, like Nightwing or a Red Robin movie.
But if Black Cat fails, and the other movies wimper, then there is a real stress test that will have to be done to the main Spider-Man franchise.

Anyway, sorry for the ramble and junk, just need to type that out so it wouldn't choke me out all week.
I also know that I suck at writing, but screw it , it is just a blurb that I would like to be answered by you majestic people of the world.


So, am I wrong? Please explain, and help me out here.

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