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Spider-Man: Homecoming Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

I saw the movie this afternoon and I saw there wasn’t any discussion here on the O-Deck. So I thought I would fix that. Be ware, there will be spoilers after the drop.

3 things I liked 

1. Tom Holland. I liked Toby McGuire and Andrew Garfield but they always felt like young men playing teenagers. They had a sense of confidence and self that I didn’t have at 15 and I suspect most of us didn’t. That’s not to say they gave bad performances or weren’t convincing. But there’s something about the way Holland plays the part that I like. He has an air of vulnerability about him, but also has confidence in the areas that he is strong in and when he can let his guard down.


2. The father/son relationship from Tony’s perspective: This is the kind of story arc you could only have at this point in the MCU. You needed several films to tell the story of Tony’s relationship with his father and show how it affected him. Tony didn’t get a ton of screentime in this movie but they made the most out of what they had. None of the scenes felt pointless or like filler, they all served a purpose in telling the story of Tony Stark and Peter Parker’s relationship. The arc felt natural, going from faith and confidence in Peter, to scholding, to downright anger after the ferry incident to praise and belief in Pete at the end of the movie. RDJ did a good job in making those moments feel real and little bits of dialouge like “If you feel you need the suit, you shouldn’t have it” worked beautifully.

3. Vulture: I liked that we got a villian who had not been in a previous movie. His story felt real. He didn’t want to rule the world or destrory all reality. He just wanted to provide for his family and not be screwed over by the wealthy and powerful. This is the kind of on the street POV post Avengers that I like, seeing the fallout from the big battles. I loved the sequence where Peter goes to Liz’s house, only to realize that OH FUCK HER DAD IS THE GUY TRYING TO KILL ME OMG! The directing was top notch and both Tom Holland and Michael Keaton did a great job of working off each other. The car trip was a great part of it, the use of lighting was especcially good, such as when we see the red on Vulture’s face to signify the rage as he realizes who Peter is, then to green as he calms down and returns to being just Liz’s dad. It was subtle and a nice change from the over the top hijinks of William DaFoe

3 things I didn’t like

1. The father/son relationship from Peter’s perspective: This is one of the problems with not doing an origin story. We don’t see the family dynamic of Peter and May before the events of the movie. We don’t know what kind of family life Pete had. We assume it was similar to other versions of the character but I don’t remember Uncle Ben being mentioned once. The dynamic seemed to do more for Tony than Pete, whereas Pete just liked being Spiderman and was upset at disappointing his boss.


2.The villain’s plan: So you expect me to believe you guys have been selling these powerful weapons that fuse alien and human tech for 8 years and no one has caught on until now? Sorry, I can’t buy that. Considering what some of the guns do, there is no way in hell they could have kept this under the rader for so long.

3. The pointless suit computer: I liked the idea of Karen and I thought Jennifer Connelly did a good job. But it turned out to be pointless. They started to build a chemistry like Tony and Jarvis but once Peter loses the suit we never see her again. It would have been one thing if she had been removed from the suit and could assist during the third act but that didn’t happen. I hope we see more of this in the next movie but for this one I didn’t see the point of it. I will just say that it did give some nice comedy moments.


So over all, I liked this movie. It didn’t change the MCU and it may not change the minds of those who grew up with Toby McGuire or Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker/Spiderman. And there will be those who think they should have just skipped Pete and gone straight for Miles Morales, which I can agree with on some levels but that would have brought up a separate set of issues which I could do another post on. I think the movie did a good job of telling a story and developing the newest addition to what I’m referring to “The Avengers 2.0", the team we will see once RDJ, Hemsworth, ScarJo, and Evans start to move on.

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