Spoilers after the jump....

SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?!?! SERIOUSLY. That's a really effing long movie.

Pro: Gwen Stacy. I thought they were going to chicken out on that one and that was done beautifully in my opinion.

Con: Electro. WTF?!?! Why did they make him such a loser?!?!?! You could take him completely out of the movie and it wouldn't be missed. It has no impact on the overall arc of Spidey, his dad, the research.. blah blah blah

Con: Rhino. What a FUCKING WASTE. I'm not sure what would have been better. Replacing that with Mary Jane or not...


Pro: The post credits scene was X-men. I will take it.

Pro: It's still better than Spiderman 3. So there's that.

Pro: Goofball Spidey. We're not kidding ourselves, we all love goofball Spidey.

Pro: Aunt May. That woman is amazing. However I did think because of the trailers she was going to do the whole "I know you're Spiderman" bit to Peter