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SPN: Sloppy writing or sloppy characters?

I'm not sure which it was supposed to be on last night's SPN. There were quite a few things I enjoyed about it (no cascade of pics to follow, in case that's why you click though—I'm in the office (edit—so pictures appeared, but they're not mine, like they usually are, but I just couldn't go without))—I liked the crumbs of backstory and sidestory they threw our way, but I felt they either treated the characters (Sam & Crowley) dumb or us.


1: Sam doesn't mention he's on an Abaddon case. Dean is clearly slipping down the Knights of Hell rabbit hole and the uber-rational brother doesn't toss him a text to say his shit is related?


2: Crowley making a point that Dean saved him. Who did Dean save? One apparent rookie hunter or a competitor for the rulership of hell? And why wouldn't Dean save Crowley anyway? Why did that prove anything to anyone?

3. Ex-nun. For fuck's sake cast someone who can act scared, and/or write in "By the time I changed my mind it was too late and I couldn't find the MoL, etc..." I'm all for intelligent audiences, but still tell me she tried, even if we know it would be impossible. Redeem her with more than a sassy non-cougar line.

4. Soul Train. We know souls are hard to get from season 6. Abaddon has factories and they're plugging them out at one a day at each location? Why did anyone ever stop? What's the downside? Why aren't hunters and LEOs across the world being put on red alert for the creation of maniac killers?


5. Josie and her puppydog eyes. Yes, Henry is dreamy. But why make everyone fall in love with another Winchester? Distinguish it from fandom in some way, okay? Also, spelling out Henry's doom and her future choices was ham-handed. The actress at least could do with less telling.


1. Them balls. Dean pre-racking the balls with his arms and rearranging them barely looking was a thing of love. I think we get too little of their pool-hustler/card sharp/credit card scam finance sidelines. This shit fascinates me, because it sets them so far apart from your average hero.


2. That alcohol. I will always love Alkie Dean. That is all. Well, until we see a weepy drunk or some shit like that.


3. Keener Sam and the idea that his monomania made his soullessness almost civil. That's just Sam, and how his damage works. He had hunting and then he had Dean, and he almost had a compass. Compare and contrast to your average human being who goes nuts over the little things. Then thank John Winchester.

4. Millie. We have rounded out the grandparent names! And I bet no one guessed this. How adorable. Did I mention me and backstory?


5. GI Sam. Taking out that kid in the diner was HARD CORE. I like to see them being non-lethal and interacting with/beating up humans.


All in all, I can't give Mother's Little Helper much more than a 6 because those things bothered me. I found it fairly emotionally affecting, but too logically flawed, and in ways that affect the world-building and the IQ of the characters, not just the episode itself.



Misha—I'm assuming that's why J2 was split up, because there are no adults among the regulars.

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