Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Spoiler Free Arrow Predictions

Who dies in the season 2 finale? Nobody? Somebody? Two bodies? How many are left standing when the curtain closes on Season 2?

I think the Suicide Squad and HIVE will be integral to season 3. I think Diggle's ex-wife whatshername dies in the finale.


I think Slade is cured of the mirakuru in the finale. I'm just not sure if Oliver kills him.

Laurel has become too dark to kill. Blackmailing the DA to keep her job and to get charges against her father dropped... she's not going anywhere.


Sarah? I'm not sure how much longer she wants to worry about her top popping out of that costume. Maybe she dies just so she doesn't have to wear it any more?

Roy? Either the producers have been lying about Aresenal or he's safe.

Thea? I don't think the producers take the last Queen away from Oliver in season 2. That'd be 3 strikes in 1 season (Mom, Sister, Company)


Oliver? They wouldn't dare, but it would be interesting.

BarrowMerlyn? Nah

Officer/Detective Lance? I don't think so. There are too many advantages to having a cop who is a fan of the Arrow.


The 6 year old son Oliver didn't know he had? Chances are that boy is the kidnapping victim. Chances are that could make Oliver kill Slade. I can't see a TV series killing a 6 year old boy. If it does words won't describe the darkness that has descended the show.

Sebastian Blood? Oh yeah he's a dead man.

Whathername the new CEO of queen consolidated who has the mirakuru? I think she's out of the mirikuru by the end of the season but still alive to continue to antagonize oliver through the company.


So I'm going with 2 dead bodies. Blood and Digg's ex-whatshername.

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