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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Spoiler Free First Impressions Of Bioshock Infinite

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So my copy arrived yesterday and instead of catching up on TV or doing laundry or any of the twenty responsible things I should have done, I spent four hours playing Bioshock Infinite. If you've played a Bioshock game before, the gameplay isn't going to be anything terribly surprising to you. The biggest departure so far is in the setting, and Columbia is fucking incredible. The way different parts of the city bob about on the wind is subtle, but just noticeable enough to be disorienting. The outdoor areas are bright and open and vivid. The music is fantastic (and pay attention: it's one of the early clues that something really weird is going on). But what's really impressed me is the atmosphere. What made the first two games so engaging was the deep sense of foreboding that kept you on edge the whole time. Bioshock was a game that made you twitchy and paranoid. That's an easy feeling to pull off in a setting like Rapture. It's dark, claustrophobic, and falling apart. Columbia is different. It's bright and airy and still a very functional city, though trouble is clearly brewing. But even with all of that, you can't walk through the streets of Columbia and not feel on edge. It's brilliant.


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