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Okay, let's be honest . . . GRIMM is never going to be a Deep Thinker, but did tonight's moral ambiguity/expediency issues take the second star to Ethical Grey Area and then continue straight on 'til Straight-Up WTF-ery? Spoilers welcomed and greeted with a free drink.

[EDIT: Woke up and found myself main-paged. If I thought a general audience was reading this, I would have done crazy things like use complete sentences and build phrases that made the remotest bit of sense. That said, I haven't changed any of my text below, and will address your (most likely logical and merited) concerns in the comments.]


At least they didn't pretend the Big Reveal was a surprise . . . this was one of the few times that I felt like the writers *knew* the audience was . . . oh . . . roughly 4o minutes ahead of the characters (especially after that World's Most Interesting Rabbit episode earlier this year). Of COURSE the two bad guys were the same person.

But, um . . . the only way out of the problem is to arbitrarily force a single gender onto the Halua Tiki Tavi (yeah, yeah)? 'Cause otherwise they'll just escape the system?

I call bullshit. I call MOOSEshit. I call big hairy smelly DINOSAUR shit.

What the actual fuck?

Since when does this show give one half of a good god damn about putting inconvenient Wesen through the courts? Really? Hell, half the time Nick just kills them and figures out how they "deserved" it later.


This show picks up all the nastiest innuendos of eugenics, trans-phobia, and "cultural norm" decriers and CHOOSES to use its bully pulpit to apologize for them? Tiny tarantula tits, people—what the ever-loving fuck was being passed around the writers' room when that decision was made?

I let Grimm slide with a lot, and they've made some questionable choices in the past, but this was the first episode that full-on violated my Basic Human Decency standards.


Am I crazy? Overreacting? Overreacting AND crazy?

Oh, and one other thing . . . since it appears that Cap is now going to get all shirty shirtless about being a Zwheihaurbieszt instead of "half-Hexenbiest" (which has served the show fairly well for several seasons now): have they built out that mythology and I missed it? There *were* episodes where my brain Could Not Even and spent the rest of the hour playing parcheesi in the corner.

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