So I'm cruising along, minding my own business. I know Whovian mania is really starting to ramp up now that the premiere of the first episode of series 8 has now been shown in Cardiff. So I expected to see a few clips... but while cruising one source I go to, I found someone had phone cammed the new opening credit sequence for the new series. And I went... WOW that looks familiar.

And it occurred to me.... I HAD seen this before. Or at least a variant of it. Either late last year, or early this year, I went off on a string of youtube searches to see what variant ideas people had come up with for a new opening title sequence for the new show. As I remember, my favorite had been this one by BillyDaKidUK.

Well, first I was pretty upset for the fellow. Had the Beeb ripped some guy off wholesale? Nonono. It appears that the news instead is that the beeb HIRED this guy on the strength of his concept! WAY TO GO DUDE! Being a fan of fan-productions of all stripes over the years, it warmed my heart to see this fellow's work thussly embraced! WOOOO!