Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Damn, this episode made me tear up, and not when I was expecting it too. Mostly because the “message” wasn’t sledgehammered into me for five minutes before the moment.


On the other hand, the only glaring flaw I can find in this series is the occasional horror/action movie trope when the show switches from Black Mirror storytelling to action piece. It doesn’t always trip over itself in that regard, but when it does, it sticks out.

So now that I hope my text is “below the fold” as we used to say in the newspaper biz, I’ll get spoilery and turn back to the first topic.

An earnest snyth sees a car crash memorial on the side of the road and reads a “We know you are in a better place” note among the lilies. And then, on his knees, he prays to a being who’s existence is “highly unlikely.” I teared up, man.

I’m not religious or devout, maybe a little bit spiritual, but to see that did something.


It was dust, I effing swear.

I think it worked because it was intimate and immediate. Any other show would have made the whooooole episode about the question of religion and squeezed in a chat with a priest. Unless the show was trying to be edgy, then it would have been a Buddist monk. And the prayer money shot (I guess that’s an oxymoron) would have been in a church with crucified HeySeuss looking down with a blank martyred look. Something we’ve seen ad nausem to the point that it’s a trope.


On the flip side, I feel the twist, that Mia is a mother, not a lover, added gravitas to the reunion and made it touching, but not like that simple act of prayer by a impossible being to another impossible being.

Back to my gripe. Suddenly, during a chase scene, you’re at “4%” power? Really? Don’t you think you could have said something before leaving or even earlier that day? “Hey guys, I’m on fumes here, can I charge up a little?


Maybe prayer is a data leak? Or what ever you call it when Chrome becomes a memory hog. Who knows? What I do know is that our plastic priest is probably coming back.


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