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[SPOILERS] Agents of SHIELD in the wake of Winter Soldier

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Any Europeans want to discuss/theorize what will happen on Agents of SHIELD after Captain America: The Winter Soldier?


As some of you might have guessed, and those who seen the movie know, the events of The Winter Soldier should have a profound effect on Agents of SHIELD. [FINAL SPOILER WARNING]

At the end of the movie, SHIELD is basically dismantled and all of its secrets are exposed. It turns out Arnim Zola was "hired" by SHIELD after the war, but he used that to continue HYDRA's work and he hid it all among SHIELD ranks and structures. So in reality, SHIELD was HYDRA.


During the movie, Nick Fury fakes his death and goes deep undercover. Because of this, I thought that AOS episode TAHITI took place during or after the events of TWS, due the problems Coulson had with reaching Fury. But then I remembered that he talked with Agent Sitwell (who seemed to have a close encounter with a semi in the movie) and in the next episode Coulson's team is sent on a mission by SHIELD. So that's out of the question.

The coming episode, End of the Beginning, seems to be set before the movie too, as SHIELD agents (including Sitwell) can be seen in the description and set photos.


The episode after that: Turn, Turn, Turn might be the one that will start to incorporate the movie's plotlines. For now, all we have is a short official description:

Coulson and his team find themselves without anyone they can trust, only to discover that they are trapped with a traitor in their midst.


Lack of anyone they can trust? Like SHIELD gone, maybe?
Trapped with a traitor? HYDRA agent, or (because of the last episode's stinger) May (they wouldn't make her a HYDRA agent, would they?)

So, it's interesting to see if/when they'll deal with TWS fallout, and how will they go about it. At the moment I'm the most excited I've been for AOS since before the pilot. Hope it will keep on getting better.

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