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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Updated: Spoilers for Agents of Shield #4.15, "Self Control" & Beyond ...

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Continuing the recent tradition of ignoring Agents of SHIELD in Morning Spoilers, a little piece of news released yesterday flew under the radar. Spoilers for next week’s episode, “Self Control,” below.


In an episode that also marks co-show-runner Jed Whedon’s directorial debut (he’s also written the episode), “Self Control” will serve as the end for the season’s Life Model Decoy story arc which began officially with “Broken Promises.” The episode will also kickstart the final arc for the season. Even better, the episode “features an ambitious fight scene that took two days to film.”


On how he approached writing the episode he’d direct: “I figured just throw me in the deep end and see if I can swim, and I did write a little bit of a deep end in some of it. I think it worked out.”

I have favorite moments in it, but really to me when I look back on it, fights are fun and cool stuff is cool, but getting to sit with [the actors] and work with them — these people that I know well and have talked to so many times over the years about their characters — getting to just be hands on and in the scene with them, to me that was the most fun ... It’s a strange [episode] so there was some really strange scenes. All of those were really rewarding.


Clark Gregg, on being directed by Jed:

... there’s really no filter between the voice of this really wild episode that we’re shooting right now and us. It’s really kind of a pure conduit, which is great, because there’s some very radical stuff happening, so it’s great to be able to talk to him about it.


Any guesses on the final arc for the season?


IGN is teasing in an interview with the cast conducted during a set visit for “Self Control” that the last seven episodes of the season are being set up to pay off threads begun in the first season. Warning, this article contains light spoilers for the episode and definite teases for the rest of the season.


So, what sort of bang will Season Four go out on?

  • According to Clark Gregg: “... the construct that they’ve come up with, the pieces that were set up [will] basically make the wildest fantasies you could have about using all the pieces that were set up in these first three seasons come true, and basically everything’s in play. For the people who have been here since the beginning, you’re going to see some stuff that only you can appreciate.”
  • Gregg again: Hydra will return in a way that “will surprise the crap out of people.”
  • Gravitonium might just be making a return.
  • Chloe Bennet: “The last seven episodes are by far going to be some of my favorite of the whole series because it’s really going to reward fans who have been with us from the beginning, and it’s really fun.”

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