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Spoilery Agents of Shield: "Closure" Post-Episode Discussion Post

It looks like Antipodes was indisposed this week and I do not have DVR. So instead of a Reaction Post, lets do a Post-Episode Discussion Post.


What was everyone’s reaction to the big shocking opening and the episode that followed it?

What will happen next week?


For my part all of this caught me completely flat-footed. I wasn’t expecting any of this and I could not be happier. I am going to miss Roz, but I like new Coulson-Hulk. I can’t wait for next week’s really really real Winter Finale (I am sure this time, they said it on the commercial)!

I wish we could keep getting “Secrets of SHIELD” posts about these, but I wish KevinGarcia all the best. If you have ever enjoyed his posts about the episodes in the past, be sure to let him know on his post.

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