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Spooky Open Thread 6: Be quiet, I think I hear a hunter

Welcome to the Spooky Open Thread! Today, we have locked ourselves inside a mall because the undead are searching for flesh. Please talk about what you want, but please help with boarding up these windows when you have the time.

Zombies, along with Vampires, seem to have become the most popular of all the classic monsters in the past few decades. Whether they are the undead, the infected or the result of Haitian Vodou necromancy, people can’t seem to get enough of them.


Question of the day 1: What is your favourite Zombie work? For me this is a draw between Day of the Dead or Shaun of the Dead.

Question of the day 2: What is your perfect Zombie? Do you prefer the original Haitian version or the more modern Romero kind? Does a bullet to the head stop them or are they unstoppable? Do they dream of zombiefied sheep?

Me, as someone who loves fantasy and mythology, I like the original kind but I also like the newer ones because of how dangerous they are.

Question of the day 3: What is your plan if zombie take over the earth? Me, hide in the highlands of Scotland.


Question of the day 4: Do you think the original Haitian Zombies should appear in the media more often? Me, yes as it be a good change of pace from the Romero kind.

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