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Spooky Open Thread 8: Night of the Demon

Welcome you pathetic human flesh, this is the Spooky Open Thread. Talk about anything you want though be aware that we demons are laughing at you as we speak. HAHAHAHA! Though seriously stay, it’s very lonely here in whatever we call this place :(

Demons are our last stop (possibly second last, I’m not sure I want to do the last one) for this year and are usually depicted as completely evil. They have been in our pop culture and mythology for several millennia and always comeback in some form.


But first, I’m surprised how little fanfare there has been for the new Supergirl show. Also, can you please refrain from talking about Supergirl without spoiler warnings first, the series doesn’t air in the UK until the 29th and I don’t want in spoilt (:

Question of the day 1: What is your favourite demon work? Me, Doom 2.

Question of the day 2: Would you ask a demon for your future or ask for it to do something for you like challenge it to a drinking contest or what the meaning of life is?


For me, yes, but I would analysie the data to see if he/she was telling the truth and plus, it woud be funny to see a drunk demon.

Question of the day 3: Do you like your Demon’s evil, neutral or good?

For me, this is the same as my Witch answers and would probably say neutral as I find it kind of silly that if Demons did exist, they all be evil. But at the same time, there is nothing watch a good evil demon as well.


Question of the day 4: In a lot of works, a demon either takes the form or is the embodiment of your most feared emotion. The emotion that troubles you the most. Which emotion would this be for you? (Please do not answer this question if you don’t feel comfortable answering).

Me, it would probably be anxiety.

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