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Spooky Open Thread 7: Double Double, Toil & Trouble

Hahahahaha! Welcome Children to the Spooky Open Thread. Please come in and have as much chocolate as you want, we don’t want you get thin and boney now do we? Hahahaha!

Witches have kind have been neutered of their evil in recent years. Most now think of them as cool and good thanks to Harry Potter and most fantasy stories use mages over Witches. Hell even when an evil magic user is required, most now prefer to use necromancers and sorcerers then Witches.


But, even if their evil has been diminished, they were still a key part of history and horror lore as they are the most powerful human based monster, being the source of others like Vampires and Werewolves and have powers that can out trump all of them.

Question of the day 1: Favourite Witch based work?

Me, this is an obscure choice but I have to choose Häxan, a 1922 Norwegian silent film about Which hunts that is amazingly creative. If you’ve ever seen a silent film, you may notice they have an blue or a yellow tone to them. Häxan uses these tones greatly as yellow is used to show what’s actually happening, while blue shows what the fantasy and myth is.

It is also one the first pro-feminist films ever made and is in public domain (though I’d look for the original uncut version if you go looking for it).

Question of the day 2: If a Witch predicted your future, would you believe her and/or would you act on the information?


Me, depends on the information because if it’s something I’ve always wanted, I know it’s a trick and will end with own destruction.

Question of the day 3: Do you prefer your Whiches Good, Evil or Neutral?

Me, neutral, caring more in self-interest and only will help or stop you if she gains something in someway.

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