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Spring Cleaning (In August)

I just sold off a ton of books, and lemme tell you, it feels great.

I don’t have a lot of vices, but buying too many books (and once upon a time, too many DVDs and CDs) is a big one. I used to regularly sell off the ones I’d never gotten around to finishing, or wasn’t interested in keeping, but the last couple of years I’d been distracted, stressed out, and indecisive, and hadn’t gotten around to focusing on inventory control. But last week I made an executive decision, and ended up getting rid of about half of the books I’d bought in the last decade or so. I intend to go even further. (Don’t worry — redundancies aside, they were mostly not very good or interesting books. I kept all the stuff I’ve really been meaning to catch up with.)


What’s the biggest media purge you’ve ever done? Was it books, comics, or movies?

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