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Srsly, Universe? Harrison Ford Crashes Golf Course

Harrison Ford's plane crash landed in a Los Angeles golf course, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Per this article, he's being treated for gashes to his head, but it doesn't say how serious any injuries were. (TMZ says "seriously", but it's TMZ. Variety is saying "critically".)


TMZ further reports that he was treated by doctors who happened to be at the course.

UPDATE 6:50pm: Press conference in about 10 minutes at course, per The Wrap.

UPDATE 7:01pm: NBCNews still affirms "serious". Variety only one with critical, as far as I can tell. LAPD is saying "serious", per CNN.


UPDATE 7:07pm: "Fair to moderate condition", per the FD/News Conference. Anyone able to offer insight on what that would indicate? Fire chief said regarding HF's condition:

"moderate trauma"

"alert & conscious"

"left scene conscious and breathing."

Okay, I have to head out into the frozen tundra that is NYC and will miss all the good jokes. (Just as Mythbri was getting warmed up, too. AND Gawker's got some good ones. And Twitter is, as usual, impressing even itself.)

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