Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Time travel. Space battles. Mecha. Three very cool and unique things. How could you ever make anything even cooler than those three? By making them into one: a time traveling mecha that battles in space.


This is the inaugural post of what may be a new run here on OD, the Saturday Something*!

Up for your consideration to either love and/or loath: Omega Boost, an old shoot-em-up PSX game. Or more concisely, the opening scene. In a lot of ways, it is akin to many shorts being put out these days, which made me remember this gem that had a little bit of everything; time travel, mecha, outrageous Lightyear-like flight suits, a cheezy 90's hard rock backing track, space battles, anti-AI hysteria, and even the stereotypical Jamaican garage bay mechanic yard jockey!

*The SS series PLC-LTD & CLONEKIN reserves the right to hereby also be known as Sometimes Sunday dependent of times constraints and alcohol-awareness levels.

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