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SS: Omega Boost

Time travel. Space battles. Mecha. Three very cool and unique things. How could you ever make anything even cooler than those three? By making them into one: a time traveling mecha that battles in space.

This is the inaugural post of what may be a new run here on OD, the Saturday Something*!


Up for your consideration to either love and/or loath: Omega Boost, an old shoot-em-up PSX game. Or more concisely, the opening scene. In a lot of ways, it is akin to many shorts being put out these days, which made me remember this gem that had a little bit of everything; time travel, mecha, outrageous Lightyear-like flight suits, a cheezy 90's hard rock backing track, space battles, anti-AI hysteria, and even the stereotypical Jamaican garage bay mechanic yard jockey!

*The SS series PLC-LTD & CLONEKIN reserves the right to hereby also be known as Sometimes Sunday dependent of times constraints and alcohol-awareness levels.

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