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ST:TNG Enterprise D Bridge, Recreated!

Am I late on the uptake about this?

A nonprofit organization (with members of scifi papacy such as Ronald Moore) had found, purchased, and are restoring a screen-ready version of the Enterprise D bridge set that was used in 1996.


If you take a look in the FAQ you can see that they are looking to have the recreation completed late this year and will subsequently tour the country and whatnot. This will then be an opportunity for kids to learn... Trekstuff... star business. You know, learn to be Galactic Citizens and all that. The mention of "free photo ops on the bridge forever" is an unecessary yet appreciated kindness. Well, considering that the Star Trek Experience touring exhibition had not allowed pics taken on the Enterprise sets (the TOS set recreation specifically; the Enterprise D for that exhibition allowed pics the day I visited since there was an issue with the exhibit's cameras apparently).

The "home base" is in Sherman Oaks, California. We'll see if this becomes a static exhibit after it does the world tour. By then, they will probably be performing many weddings and baptisms and quinceañeras there. Which I greatly look forward to.


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