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Stana Katic is leaving Castle.

That’s right, the co-star of ABC’s hit comedy-drama police procedural has been forced from the show according to reports, along with colleague Tamala Jones who plays Beckett’s best friend Dr Lanie Parish.

Also buddy cop-duo Ryan and Esposito actors Seamus Dever and Jon Huertas have also not yet been asked back by the show for a ninth season, if that still happens.


This news practically signals the death of the show as a whole as it relied heavily on the relationship between Katic and Fillion’s characters. According to the reports the reason is due to ‘friction’ on-set between the two with hints that they never got along off-screen. This comes off the back off the equally unexpected ditching of regular Penny Jerald, who played, Captain Victoria Gates before the current season.

As a fan of the show (though I haven’t seen seasons seven or eight yet), which routinely went into more Sci-Fi elements due to Fillion’s history in the genre, this is a shame but not unexpected. The long-running plot of who killed Beckett’s mother was solved at the end of season six and I can’t help but think that’s where it should’ve ended, with the show being rudderless since according to many fans. Instead it appears the show will instead go out with a whimper as opposed to a bang.

Edit: Also just found this old report from late October.

As far as the rumors pertaining to their show, Castle showrunners Terence Paul Winter and Alexi Hawley assured EW that it’s not true. As Winter put it, “We killed off Montgomery in season 3. We’re not killing anymore people off.”


Kept that promise didn’t they.

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