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Star Trek Continues: My Mind; she is blown.

It's not often that a fan-produced piece of work comes off with such spectacular shine and love for its inspiration. The cast here does a fantastic job of both channeling their original counterparts and building their own subtle interpretations of the characters.

Vic Mignogna as Kirk brings more manliness and gravitas per second to the screen than Chris Pine ever has. He reminds us of why series Kirk was so much better than film Kirk, playing the character as responsible, protective of his crew, and duty-minded.
The rest of the cast also shines in their roles, particularly Chris Doohan, here playing the role his father James originated in Scotty during the original series' run. He eerily channels his father's performance, everything from his tight-lipped line delivery to his fits of passion over the safety of the ship.


(By the way, Mr. Doohan actually had a bit part in 2009's Star Trek reboot. Here he is alongside Scotty in the transporter room.)

Speaking of the ship, the sets here are easily the best sets I've ever seen produced for a piece of fan work, from the materials down to the lighting. You'd swear the crew is running around a Holodeck simulation of the original ship.

All in all, this is a beautiful series that I'm going to keep a close eye on in the months to come. If you're a classic Star Trek fan, or if you've never seen an episode and want to know what the whole thing is all about, watch this. It's absolutely great.

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