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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Star Trek Continues: The White Iris

Star Trek Continues, the single best fan series you’re not watching, is back with their fourth episode.

You need to rectify that whole not watching it thing.

This episode, like most of this series, deals with events from the Original Series, in this case from the episode Requiem for Methuselah, which I’ve linked to below, in case you haven’t seen it yet.

There are also plot elements from The Paradise Syndrome, City on the Edge of Forever and a probable, though oblique reference to the episode Obsession, for those interested in the deep cuts interwoven into the episode’s story.


As usual, the set dressing, camera work, music, effects, and acting are spot on; though the cast still hasn’t settled on a permanent Dr. McCoy yet, the series remains one of the best fan productions I’ve personally ever seen.

At the heart of this episode is the recurring theme of Captain Kirk’s doomed love life, how he seems to lose all the women who ever truly mean anything to him. Indeed, one has to wonder if Kirk isn’t a descendant of Ben Cartwright or something, so many of his ladies end up dead. This episode also plays with one of my favorite concepts from the Original Series, that of Kirk Losing His Shit. Shatner was a master of the sweaty, bug-eyed freakout on TOS, and here Vic Mignogna gets to play tribute to those in a quite convincing manner. Also returning in this episode is Dr. McKenna, the ship’s counselor, who is quickly earning her place among the ranks of regulars, and Marina Sirtis returning to guest-voice the ship’s computer. Also keep an eye out for Chekov’s Gun (heh) in the form of an expansion on the holodeck technology we saw earlier in this series.


I’ll shut up now so you can watch the episode in peace, but it really is a great episode this month.

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